Video of My Favorite “Diastasis Friendly” Ab Exercise

My Favorite Diastasis Friendly Ab Exercise

No Perfect Diastasis Recti Exercise Exists

I have not found a “perfect” diastasis recti exercise–not even that misguided repetitive transverse abdominis pulse that so many of us have tried.

Basically, any exercise that works your abdominal muscles without overworking them is a good diastasis recti exercise. Whether an exercise will overwork your particular abs depends on a lot of things.

The easiest way to spot overworking is a pooched or domed belly. Another gauge is whether your deepest abdominal muscles (yes, including the transverse abdominis) are able to co-contract with your superficial muscles.

I like the following exercise because it engages your core stabilizers, while keeping your spine in neutral and simultaneously working your back muscles.

****HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE RECENTLY POSTPARTUM OR HAVE PELVIC ORGAN PROLAPSE, this exercise may not be appropriate. You must be able to contract the pelvic floor during the downward motion. IF YOU CANNOT, TRY THE EXERCISE WITHOUT ANY RESISTANCE. For example, pretend like you are pulling a band down, but DO NOT OVERLOAD YOUR PELVIC FLOOR.****

Oh, and try to ignore my slightly disheveled look. I’m a mom AND I live in Guam. It’s hot.

Note: The resistance band in the video is from Black Mountain Products. You can buy it HERE on Amazon. However, any resistance band with a door anchor will work. I just like the Black Mountain ones because it comes with comfortable handles, an ankle strap, and different resistance levels. As a disclosure, I’m not affiliated with the brand, but if you buy using the link above, Amazon might give me a dollar, which helps with the website hosting fees.

Want to know more about diastasis recti? Then check out the 60+ Page Essay “Why Diastasis Recti Experts Disagree.” 

1 thought on “Video of My Favorite “Diastasis Friendly” Ab Exercise

  1. I recently had a question whether this is a replacement for TvA activation. Quick answer: You should be able to activate the TvA doing this. If you can’t, that would be a problem. Put another way, this isn’t a magic exercise to close a diastasis. This is simply one ab exercise I like.


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