Video of the Best Pregnancy and Postnatal Ab Exercise You Aren’t Doing

The Best Pregnancy and Postnatal Ab Exercise You Aren't DoingI call this the “best pregnancy and postnatal ab exercise you aren’t doing” because none of my trainers showed it to me. Indeed, it is adapted from a book— Physical Therapist Blandine Calais Germain’s No Risk Abs.

The name I gave it isn’t clever—Dynamic Side Balance—but sums it up. You balance on your side while dynamically moving an arm and leg.

The instructions are simple:

Lie on your side, keeping a straight line from your head to your toes. Slightly bend your bottom leg for support. You can bend it more if you topple over. Then, slowly swing your top arm side to side and your top leg front to back.

This exercise is great during pregnancy because you don’t lie flat on your back. Also, you’ll need to work hard, yet not to failure, to balance your belly. Remember to keep your spine in neutral.

Additionally, this is a gentle postnatal ab exercise because the abdominals don’t overload the pelvic floor. If you are really weak and keep falling over, focus on a single arm or single leg movement. Eventually you can do both simultaneously and increase the range of the motion.

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