Video: How to Pick Up a Baby

How to Pick Up a BabyMoms chase babies. Moms pick up babies (and toddlers). It is exhausting.

Although lifting can be a good workout, it can murder our abdomens and pelvic floors, especially if dealing with diastasis recti or prolapse.

In this video, I show two ways to pick up a baby.

  1. Half-Kneel: My physical therapist told me the best way to pick up my kid was to kneel on one knee, bring my baby close to my body, rest said baby on my knee, and then stand up. This is good advice. Unfortunately, good does not always mean practical.
  2. Baby Dead Lift: Sometimes we need to do the “baby deadlift.” This doesn’t have to be bad news for your pelvic floor. Remember, don’t arch your back, slightly bend your knees, lift your pelvic floor into your lower abdomen before picking up your kid, and use your arm muscles!

Take a look at my “totally professional video” to see what I mean (and by totally professional I mean totally not).

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