3 Simple, Sitting-Break Moves

Sitting-BreakFor various medical reasons, I’ve been bed and chair bound for much of May and residing in my parents’ home so they can take care of my kids. Luckily, this physical oscitancy is only temporary. However, it has reminded me that during prolonged immobility, we should get up every hour and move.

Here are three simple sitting break moves, in other words, moves I like to do during these breaks, not to be confused with chair break dancing. (I’d like to say my indisposition is the cause of my fashion choices in the video, but in all honesty, I don the unflattering Target pants more than I should and I only wear makeup on rare occasions. On the plus, when I put jeans on and some lipstick, my daughter thinks I look like a princess. All about lowering expectations, I say).

  1. Knee Lift and Arm Wings:
    I have three kids, so doctor ordered lying around is actually a vacation, pain or not. Seriously, this is the longest break I’ve had in five years. Amaaazing. However, I’m also itching to move. A simple knee lift and chest stretch helps curtail some of this antsiness. This stretch is also good if you have a desk job.
  2. Prima Triangle:
    This is a nice abdominal, arm, and leg stretch. Think of it as a modified dynamic yoga triangle. The left foot points forward and the right foot points to the side. Lift your left arm to the sky, point your right fingers to your knee and dip. Then switch sides. Watch the video for a demonstration. It’s not complicated, but hard to explain. Make sure you use your abdominal muscles to pull yourself up from the dip.
  3. Booty Pose:
    Sometimes a girl needs a good stretch. This one is great for the hamstrings, shoulders, and chest. You can hang onto a bed rail or counter to deepen the stretch, or simply bend at the waist with your arms out. Make sure not to hunch the lower back.

[Note: my 5 year old was the camera operator and took her job very seriously. She was a bit devastated when her 3 year old brother sullied her efforts.]

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