Lotte Berk, Barre, and Your Flabby Thighs

I’m a huge fan of barre. I even made my husband build me a ballet barre, something that isn’t totally necessary, but makes me feel hardcore (as hardcore as a ballet barre can make anyone feel). When I like something, I tend to overdo it. I also tend to research it, sometimes for no reason … Continue reading Lotte Berk, Barre, and Your Flabby Thighs

10 Terrifying Vagina Facts

As the result of my particular birth experience, I’ve read a lot about vaginas. Can’t say I ever saw myself becoming a vagina expert, but life has a dark sense of humor. Some of the vagina facts I have stumbled across are banal, others horrifying. Clearly a top 10 list is the best way to … Continue reading 10 Terrifying Vagina Facts

History’s Postpartum Bodies

Last month, I looked at the mythology of traditional childbirth. This post examines history’s postpartum body in more detail. Admittedly, “history” is a broad term. Nonetheless, we can assume the childbirth repercussions for a sizable minority remained constant. Notably, a fair number of books look at the history of childbirth, usually from a particular ideological … Continue reading History’s Postpartum Bodies

Waist Training (Well Worn and Still Dumb)

At the turn of the twentieth century, Gibson Girls represented youth, beauty, and feminine mischievous. Basically, these illustrated women (by Charles Dana Gibson) were trendsetters. Gibson Girls were alluring because they represented a new kind of womanhood, albeit a sanitized version. “The New Woman” was going to college and demanding the vote, whereas Gibson’s girls … Continue reading Waist Training (Well Worn and Still Dumb)