Defending the Poise Impressa®

Some months back, Poise debuted a new internal “bladder support” called Impressa®. It’s made of flexible silicone and easily inserts via a tube similar to that of a tampon. Once expanded, it looks like a slightly smooshed hourglass timer or a miniature strapless ball gown (Perhaps these are weird analogies; it’s smaller on top, larger … Continue reading Defending the Poise Impressa®

Does Diastasis Recti Cause Pelvic Floor Disorder?

Can diastasis recti cause pelvic floor disorder, or is diastasis recti simply associated with pelvic floor disorder, or neither? These are the questions that have consumed me the last few days. Why? Beats me. It’s like an uncatchy song stuck in my head. Nevertheless, the questions are important. If diastasis recti (DRA) can CAUSE pelvic … Continue reading Does Diastasis Recti Cause Pelvic Floor Disorder?

Does Neutral Posture Matter?

Your posture should be like Switzerland, cheesy and neutral. Okay, maybe not cheesy, but definitely neutral. Or maybe not. I’m sure you’ve heard this advice before: Keep the natural curves in your spine while performing daily activities, such as lifting, sitting, standing, and exercising. But what is neutral? I answer that in this post. First, … Continue reading Does Neutral Posture Matter?

Childbirth Injuries and the Arbitrary 6 Weeks

The 6 week postpartum checkup taunts moms who suffered from childbirth injuries. Personally, I still couldn’t WALK without pain at my checkup. My midwives assured me I would eventually recover, which was both true and not true — TRUE because the major tears slowly healed, and progressive strength training gave me back enough function — … Continue reading Childbirth Injuries and the Arbitrary 6 Weeks