5 Rational Ways to Improve Your Body Image

5 Rational Ways to Improve Your Body Image

What is a Good Body Image?

Lots of blogs about the postpartum body provide tips and exercises to help shed the baby weight or close a diastasis recti or improve the function of your pelvic floor (this blog included). However, doing all that without taking a hard look at your body image is like spending hours trying to make the most delicious chocolate cake only to discover you don’t actually like chocolate cake (purely hypothetical; I love chocolate).

A stereotypically “good” body is not a prerequisite for a good body image. Indeed, many women with enviable figures spend much of their day obsessing over their appearance, checking their bodies, or letting irrational and unhealthy thoughts consume them. And many others with supposed imperfections feel just fine about their bodies.

Fortunately, body image can be improved through sustained effort. Note the word improved. Body image is a process, not a landing place. It takes work. Too often we simply repeat body positive messages and expect a good body image to take root. Maybe that works for some women, but it never did for me…

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