Posture Evaluation

Look at your Before pictures and answer these questions. If you can’t objectively evaluate your own posture, ask for a second opinion from a spouse, friend, physical therapist, or personal trainer. Extra points if you have a physical therapist, personal trainer, spouse friend.

Re-read What is Neutral first.

1. Look at your pelvis. Do you have faux butt, flat butt, or neither? Re-read “What is Neutral” to help. Faux butt is like Picture #2. Flat Butt is like Picture #3.

2. Look at your chest and upper back. Do you have Miss America Syndrome or Hunchback of Notre Mommy or neither? Miss America Syndrome is like Picture #4 and Hunchback of Notre Mommy is like Picture #5

3. Look at your boobs. Do they point upward, forward, or downward?

4. Based on Questions #1-3, which part of your body should you adjust to achieve neutral? Do you need to adjust more than one?

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