Re-examine Your Map

Re-examine Your Map

Congratulations, you are almost done with the Program!

So…what are you going to do now?

In a week and a half, the pre-made checklists will end. The body image exercises, SETS, CIRCUITS, and food journal reminders will all wash away. But, life still goes on. Take a minute to re-examine the changes you have made and the changes you still want to make.

Take out whatever you use for a planner and write down AT LEAST one action step related to each of the following questions:

  1. After the program ends, what new goal will I set, or what current habits will I continue? Re-read Write Better Goals.
  2. How will I incorporate fitness and movement into my daily life? BE VERY SPECIFIC. For example, will you make your own workouts, make your own checklists, go to group classes with modifications in mind, hire a trainer, buy a fitbit to track steps, do online videos, etc.? Don’t get lost in the chaos of choice. Write down a plan.
  3. Will I still food journal? If not, what will I do to keep my meals on track?

We can’t plan the minutiae of our days. However, not planning the basics unravels the habits we have set in motion. Take time each week to plan your workouts and your meals. If you still struggle with your body image, plan “body image exercises” as well.

Happy planning.

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