Week 6

Week 6

Day 1:

  1. Display Week 6 checklist
  2. Week 6 on Compliment Sheet
  3. SET 1
  4. Food Journal and Plan Meals

That’s it for Day 1!

Day 2:

  1. BIE: The Catastrophe of Awfulizing
  2. (New) CIRCUIT 1: Planning ahead for the CIRCUITS is essential. Not just what day (because I’ve decided that), but when in the day. Some moms wake up before their kids (insane to me), others use nap times, others after bedtime, and others during a lunch break. Personally, I vary the time of day, depending on my schedule. The CIRCUITS aren’t long, around 25 minutes, but even so, not having a plan can mean letting them slide. And that would be a major bummer.
  3. Food Journal

That’s it for Day 2!

Day 3:

  1. BIE: Rewrite “That Body Part”
  2. Food Journal

That’s it for Day 3!

Day 4:

  1. SET 2
  2. Food Journal

That’s it for Day 4!

Day 5:

  1. BIE: Week 6 on Body Image Scale: Your body image doesn’t need to be an unencumbered climb up the scale. Be honest with yourself. You don’t need to reach a 10 because 10 represents perfection. Some weeks you may be a 6, others a 4, and others an 8. Keep using the scale every week to check-in with yourself, but don’t demand anything.
  2. CIRCUIT 1
  3. Food Journal

That’s it for Day 5!

Day 6:

  1. Food Journal

That’s it for Day 6!

Day 7:

  1. SET 3
  2. Food Journal and Diet Audit

That’s it for Week 6!

Move on to Week 7.

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