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Sept./Oct. 2017 – Weight and Your Pelvic Floor

July/August 2017 – 100 Percent Success Rate of New Exercise to Close Diastasis Recti

May/June 2017 – Should You Hire a Personal Trainer if You Have Childbirth Injuries?

April 2017 – The March for Science and Our Postpartum Bodies

March 2017 – Lindy West Won Me Over

February 2017 – Lose 20 Pounds in 6 Weeks?!

January 2017 – America is Depressing, so it’s a Good Time to Workout

December 2016 – My Favorite Menstrual Cup

September 2016 – Musings About Hypopressives

August 2016 – Does the Crunch Increase Intra-Abdominal Pressure?

June/July 2016 – My Kid Got Cancer

May 2016 – Pictures of My (Wrinkly) Belly

April 2016 – Physical Therapists Who Don’t Like Each Other

March 2016 – Two Years After My C-Section

February 2016 – Everything That is Wrong with Ashlee Simpson’s Postpartum Trainer

January 2016 – Why You Should Be a Parent Who Sciences on Facebook

December 2015 – Why Accepting Your Body Can Help You Accept Your Life

November 2015 – Why You Should Try a Stoic Meditation

October 2015 – Sample from the New Motherfigure Program

September 2015 – Deciphering Barre and Naming Names

August 2015– I’m Not Embarrassed About My Pessary

July 2015-Thoughts on the Tupler Technique©, Part II

June 2015 – Thoughts on the Tupler Technique©, Part I

May 2015 – Video Sample from Diastasis Recti Primer

April 2015 – 5 Body Image Exercises

March 2015 – Icebreaker Survey

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