You can't go forward trying to get your body back.

Fitness Meme Hall of Shame

#Fitspiration is stupid. That’s a pretty bold statement, so I’m going to back it up with a “Fitness Meme Hall of Shame.” All images are courtesy of Pinterest, also known as the internet’s tidal wave of abs (and kittens). Let’s take a walk through the Hall of Shame. Shameful Image 1 Step 1: Cut off … Continue reading Fitness Meme Hall of Shame

3 Simple, Sitting-Break Moves

For various medical reasons, I’ve been bed and chair bound for much of May and residing in my parents’ home so they can take care of my kids. Luckily, this physical oscitancy is only temporary. However, it has reminded me that during prolonged immobility, we should get up every hour and move. Here are three … Continue reading 3 Simple, Sitting-Break Moves

Video: How to Pick Up a Baby

Moms chase babies. Moms pick up babies (and toddlers). It is exhausting. Although lifting can be a good workout, it can murder our abdomens and pelvic floors, especially if dealing with diastasis recti or prolapse. In this video, I show two ways to pick up a baby. Half-Kneel: My physical therapist told me the best … Continue reading Video: How to Pick Up a Baby

A Patient’s Advice to Her Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is a mother’s friend. I believe ALL new moms should be offered physical therapy. Unfortunately, that’s a pipe dream in the United States. However, if you suffer from diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction, ask your doctor for a referral. That said, physical therapy isn’t a panacea, and physical therapists don’t always agree … Continue reading A Patient’s Advice to Her Physical Therapist