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How Common is Pelvic Floor Disorder

How common is pelvic floor disorder? The answer’s complicated. Actually, that’s an understatement. It’s really really complicated. First, the term is broad and encompasses many different disorders, ranging from occasional urinary incontinence to constipation to pelvic organ prolapse, among others. Next, studies struggle with defining a threshold at which symptoms become a disorder and with … Continue reading How Common is Pelvic Floor Disorder

Video: Pelvic Floor Friendly Jumping Jack Modifications

I’m a huge advocate of exercise modification to protect a weakened pelvic floor. For some unknown reason, most of the postnatal stroller classes I attended always had us warm-up with jumping jacks. Were the instructors trying to make moms pee themselves? Even if you don’t suffer from pelvic floor disorder, straight leg landing is hard … Continue reading Video: Pelvic Floor Friendly Jumping Jack Modifications

5 Tva Cues Infographic

This is an infographic to accompany the post "5 Transverse Abdominis Cues." Feel free to pin it or add the embed code to your site. Embed this on your site ( users might need to adjust the quote marks in the text editor if "smart quotes" is enabled.) <img src="" alt="5 Tva Cues Info"></br><a href="">Meredith … Continue reading 5 Tva Cues Infographic

Questioning Childbirth Folklore

“When, therefore, we repeat the truism that ‘most births are normal,’ let us remind ourselves that the substantial minority that are not could entail death or mutilation for the mother.” ~Edward Shorter[1] In 1833, the respected midwife Veronika Paul was summoned to the bedside of a laboring woman after the local midwife required help. Paul … Continue reading Questioning Childbirth Folklore