4 Weeks to a Better Body Image


Why Talk About Body Image?

Few people suggest starting a workout routine by walking into a gym and haphazardly jumping from one machine to the next. You might get your heart rate up, which is better than sitting on the couch, but you will take longer to improve your fitness than if you followed an actual plan. Luckily, fitness plans are easy to find, even if the sheer number of options is overwhelming.

But what if you want to improve your body image? How does one even do that? Do you find lots of body positive Facebook pages? Do you get a book? Do you see a therapist?

You could do all of those.

However, a Facebook page isn’t a plan. Memes and unfiltered advice might make you feel better (or worse) in the moment, but then what? A book might help, depending on your personality, but I haven’t actually found many. And, a therapist can be great, but requires large time and financial commitments (necessary commitments if you need a lot of help, but overkill if you simply want some direction).

Frankly, body image resources are hard to locate. You can find scores and scores of advice about building a better butt, but nary a body image roadmap. Indeed, an app that bills itself as creating a “better body image” is all about losing weight. Sigh. Of course it is.

This is why I created a stand-alone body image resource — to provide a little organization for our confused body images.

I wanted this resource to be inexpensive and downloadable, and I wanted it to appeal to the thinking mom, the mom who knows she needs to work on her body image, but who is sick of vacuous and nonspecific advice.

What do you get?

You’ll receive a downloadable 13,000 word PDF with a week by week plan for improving your body image through rational thought. This PDF includes a 6 step process for analyzing and refuting negative body talk.

Better Enough

Body image is not a state, but rather a process. Bodies are always changing. You will not reach a certain acceptable body, and you will not reach a perfect body image. The goal is better enough. The only way to achieve “better enough” is by taking the time to figure out why your body image stinks and what to do about it.

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