Why Diastasis Recti Experts Disagree


Are you wondering why your belly never returned to its pre-pregnancy proportions?

Maybe you’ve tried one or more online programs promising to fix you. And maybe you saw some improvement… or maybe you “failed.”

Or, perhaps you’ve only recently heard the term “diastasis recti” and want to close it.

Thanks to Google, you’ve been promised a flat belly if only you wear this splint, do these exercises, align this way, eat that food, breathe just right, or howl at the moon while clucking like a chicken.

Shhh. The diastasis recti “experts” have a dirty little secret.

They’re making it up. Not on purpose. They’re throwing out the best intel they have. Unfortunately, evidence is sparse. Anecdote is plenty. Theories are contradictory. Bodies are complicated.

I’ve tried 99% of the programs out there. I’ve read the research. I’ve splinted. I’ve un-splinted. I’ve pulsed. I’ve aligned. I’ve done the “right” exercises. I’ve eaten my protein. And more. In other words, I’ve done everything promised to close that damned gap.
Did it close?

Actually, mostly. But not through any one program. And definitely not following bogus advice.

Don’t Buy This Essay If…

… you want a quick fix, a magic solution, a guarantee. But if you want to learn about your anatomy, about the various programs, about the evidence, and about what might help your belly, read on.

What’s Included?

» You’ll get a 14,000 word essay. I start with the basics, discuss the linea alba, examine the evidence, and unpack the belly paradoxes. It’s not a how-to manual, although I do offer tips, but rather a detailed look at the evidence for and against different diastasis recti remedies.

» You’ll also receive access to an annotated video of 8 daily exercises. The magic diastasis recti cure doesn’t exist (oh, how I wish it did), but this doesn’t mean you are powerless.

Note: A Kindle version of this essay is also available.

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