Questioning Childbirth Folklore

“When, therefore, we repeat the truism that ‘most births are normal,’ let us remind ourselves that the substantial minority that are not could entail death or mutilation for the mother.” ~Edward Shorter[1] In 1833, the respected midwife Veronika Paul was summoned to the bedside of a laboring woman after the local midwife required help. Paul … Continue reading Questioning Childbirth Folklore

Does Childbirth Cause Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

Lately, I’ve become obsessed by the question “Does childbirth, specifically vaginal childbirth, cause pelvic organ prolapse?” Most say yes, some say no. I had assumed childbirth causes prolapse. Wouldn’t pushing out a baby compromise your pelvic floor support structures? Why Do I Care if Childbirth Causes Prolapse? Personally, I don’t. My past is by definition … Continue reading Does Childbirth Cause Pelvic Organ Prolapse?