Why A Newsletter?

Why a Newsletter

You might be wondering why I bother with a newsletter. Isn’t a newsletter an obsolete mode of communication in the social media era?

I hesitated to write a newsletter because many of the ones cluttering my email in-box are boring or overly self-referential. Why would my newsletter be any different? I’ve thought a lot about that question.

Here are a few reasons I send out a monthly newsletter.

  1. I’m an introvert. Even on a blog that addresses the nitty gritty of postpartum bodies, I want to reserve a more private space. I’m fairly up front on the blog, but if I’m going to share any information I’d rather not have pop up on a Google search, I’m more likely to include that in the newsletter.
  2. I still like the format. A monthly newsletter lends itself to curation. Let’s be honest, social media is overwhelming. All the information comes so fast, and we are deluged by words and links and tirades and miracle cures. It makes my head spin. If this is true for you as well, consider the newsletter a more carefully constructed means of communication. It’s a chance to breathe.
  3. Finally and most importantly, I’ve found that a newsletter encourages more open communication with the women (and maybe one man) reading the blog, in other words, with you. Postpartum bodies and body images are difficult subjects. No one likes to post on their Facebook feed or Twitter account that they are struggling with body image issues or a pooched belly or prolapse or any other body woe. It’s important to talk about this stuff, but private communication is often preferable to blog comments or social media discussions.

Signing up for the monthly newsletter will conveniently send any new posts to your in-box (at most once a week). However, if you prefer to receive the newsletter only, you can change your settings after confirming the subscription.

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